Listing Features

  • Listing Ref: 220

  • Living Area: 2400m²

  • Terrace: 400m²

  • Parking: In the street

  • Heating: Gas central heating

Listing Description

Former Liget Club and E-Klub Entertainment Space For sale

At the Népliget metro station, in the immediate vicinity of the Groupama Arena, a purpose built building, of 2400 Sq/m, originally designed as a nightclub is for sale.

The property was previously home to the E-Club as well as the Liget Club in more recent years. There is also a 400 Sq/m covered garden area and a capacity for 2270 people.

It is also suitable for the location of other services, i.e. office, health center, gym, conference and event venue.

The building is heated by gas boilers, parking is free in the area. Security can be ensured through a camera system.

Additional terrace space can be rented from the local council and can be almost unlimited space.



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