Listing Features

  • Listing Ref: 560

  • Bedrooms: 3

  • Bathrooms: 2

  • Living Area: 174m²

  • Terrace: 66m²

  • Parking: Garage

  • Heating: Gas central heating

  • Built In: 2019

Listing Description

Four Room Penthouse Apartment With Two Terraces For Sale

Turnkey luxury penthouse with unparalleled panoramic view

The last opportunity in this development to move into your dream home is a two-story, penthouse apartment built above a classic building originally built in 1886.

Prior to the turnkey delivery in June, you can now choose from first-class coverings, premium sanitary ware and finalize your rooms, furnishings, dream kitchens, and complete furnishings with our interior designer. The rooftop terraces of the apartment offer an unparalleled panorama of the Opera House, Citadella, Basilica, Matthias Church, Fisherman’s Bastion and Inner Terézváros. Parking is provided in a parking garage in the immediate vicinity of the apartment.

This apartment has 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen / dining room, 2.5 bathrooms, loft area, and two terraces.

Historical building of 1886 located in the heart of the city center in the immediate vicinity of Andrássy Avenue , the Champs Elysées of Budapest, and minutes away from the National Opera House and St Stephen ‘s Basilica.
Small and exclusive condominium (14 units in total) with a protected historical façade to be restored to its original grandeur. The interior entryway and courtyard will be restored to the original design and updated with high -end modern finishing and fixtures.

Price is 4,300 euro / m2 plus 50% of the terrace size.

Outer closing systems

The windows are made with modern wood quality, with double-ply heat proof glaze and good hermetics. For the sake of ensuring safe and comfortable ventilation there will be at least one trickle vent placed on one of the closing systems in each of the apartments. The closing systems on the façade are equipped with roller shutter cases. (The roller shutters are built in on the basis of individual orders, they are not part of the standard technical equipment.)


The terraces upstairs are ready for cover, the railings on the terraces are a composite of built structure, metal-work and safety glass.

Internal plastering

The walls will be fitted with cement-setting plaster, the ceilings are constructed without plaster, with smoothed finish.


Modern, central, heat-pump system and hot water storage placed in the central technical area of the buildings will supply heating energy and hot water. Separate meters will be prepared for each of the flats’ supply of drinking water and hot water moreover heating and cooling with a transponder measuring from a distance. Extraction devices will be placed in the bathrooms and in the toilets and storage units without natural ventilation. Exhaust conduits for a ductless (recirculating) extractor hood with active charcoal filter may be installed, for extraction from the kitchen. Within the building the cold and hot water main and riser ducts are made of PP-R fiberglass reinforced plastic and the branch ducts within the flats are made with five-layer PE plastic pipes. The main and riser ducts for fire water supply are made of galvanised steel. Wastewater and rainwater will be separate systems within the buildings and they will be lead out of the buildings jointly into the communal canalisation. The material is hard PVC pipe, with socketed, rubber band patches. Smoke detectors will be placed in the common hallways.


The joint boxes of the house and the electric meters of the flats will be placed in groups per floor. The whole electric network runs within the walls with copper conduits driven in safety pipes with sufficient safety grounding, except for the basement level where they run on cable trays and in the storage units they run on the outer side of the walls. The common areas (hallways, storage areas) will be equipped with ceiling fixtures in compliance with the safety regulations and controlled with presence sensors. In the common garden, along the entrances, garden pathway a twilight switch will be installed for outdoor lightning. On the entrance points of the boundary between the public places and the lot a security system equipped with video camera enabling digital recording will be installed. The entry-phone system will be digital and equipped with door opening function with an outdoor unit with surveillance camera on the street. (The standard equipment of the flats include an audio indoor unit, the video entry-phone is an option that may be requested.)


Floor-to-ceiling height

The interior height of the flats is on average 3.1 m, however for structural and engineering reasons some of the premises are built with sunken soffit, suspended ceiling.

Entrances to flats

The flat entrances will be equipped with security doors with optical survey, multipoint security central locking system, with Mabisz (Hungarian Association of Insurers) qualification.


After plastering (the brickwork structures) and smoothing, the flats will be painted with dispersion – in the bathrooms – acrylic paint.


Wall cooling system will be installed in the flats. On the basis of a separate order either the pre-setting of air conditioning, i.e. drainage (condensed waterpipe, electric intake and cooling drainpipes) or the set-up of the whole cooling system can be constructed.


Extraction devices are installed in the bathrooms and the internal toilet premises and storage rooms. They are operated from the light switch or the illumination switch individually or delayed or continuous operation extraction according to the engineering design. The extractor hoods in the kitchen are recirculating with active charcoal filter.


The used cold and hot water and the heating and cooling energy will be accounted on the basis of separate meters by each of the flats. The reading of the sub-meters is done centrally, entrance into the flats for reading is not necessary.


In each of the rooms 3, in the living room 4, in the kitchen 6 (extractor, refrigerator, dishwasher, +3 above the counter top) in the bathroom 1 (+1 for the washing machine) and in the hallways 1 sockets with 230 V are being installed with 1 ceiling light fixture access in each of the premises. In excess in the kitchen there will be access for counter top lighting, and an access for the mirror lighting in the bathroom. The light fixtures of the apartments are not part of the standard equipment these shall be provided by the buyers (the wiring will of course be prepared). Each of the living premises will have a star network topology set CAT6 TV/telephone socket and a coax cable socket also with star network topology. Video surveillance will be set up for the entrance in the courtyard and in the common hallways as well.



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